Dashboard, Profile, and Blog

What is my Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your Kinja headquarters where you can see all the updates from the people you’re following and any notifications you have received. The notifications you may receive are recommends, shares, new follows, and replies.

How do I access my Profile?

Your Profile, located at kinja.com/username, is your persistent Kinja identity. Here you will find all of your posts, replies, and recommendations for all the world to see. From here you can also edit your profile where you can change your profile picture, username, display name, or any connected accounts.

What is my blog and what can I do with it?

Your Blog, located at username.kinja.com, is the place to express your thoughts in any way you wish. Write your heart out, post your opinions, or share any of your creations. This is your playground, where you can put your stuff out into the world and allow the Kinja community to interact, comment, and share.

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