How do I merge two Kinja accounts?

If you have multiple Kinja accounts that are each managed with a separate third-party login, you can merge those accounts into a single Kinja account with a single login.

After the merge is complete, the posts published by each account will remain on the blog where they were published. The blog associated with the merged account will change from a personal blog to a group blog.

All posts will now appear under the byline of the remaining Kinja account. You are effectively deleting all but one of your user profiles and putting all of your blogs and posts under the remaining Kinja account.

You can merge two Kinja accounts together with a few short steps:

  1. Login to the account that you'd like to keep as your primary Kinja account (we'll call this Account A).
  1. Head into your Account Settings and you will see the section Connected Accounts in the modal. You’ll need to connect the other account before you can merge.
  1. Find the third-party login type (Facebook, Google, or Twitter) that you use for the other Kinja account (we'll call this Account B). Click the Connect Button to connect Account A to the third-party login for Account B.
  1. You will now see an option to either merge Account B or to login with Account B. You should select the option to merge Account B.
  1. Once the process is complete, your accounts should be merged!

You can not currently use the merge tool with burner accounts. This functionality may be available in the future.

Note: Merging is permanent and should be done at your own risk!

You will not be able to separate the account you merged in by disconnecting and reconnecting the third-party login account that you had originally used. After merging, third-party accounts can only affect how you choose to login to Kinja and which Kinja features are available to you.
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