What is a Burner account?

If you don't have a Facebook, Google, or Twitter account but would still like to interact with your favorite writer on Kinja, you can create a Burner account.

As part of the account creation process, Kinja does not request, retrieve or keep any personal data related to Burner users. 

After you've created your account please be certain to store your unique account key. This key is displayed to you only once, and it is not stored on our servers. If you lose your Burner key and become locked out of your account, you will not be able to regain access.

Several Kinja features such as account merging and social account linking are not available to Burner accounts. For these reasons we recommend signing up with Facebook, Google, or Twitter if you have one of these accounts available to you. 

Remember, save your Burner key! Everything about a Burner account is yours to control -- which means no passwords stored on-site.

While burner accounts are designed to be completely anonymous, we can't prevent you from exposing yourself. If you're committed to remaining anonymous, don't use usernames, phrases, or unique words that have been associated with you before. Don't upload photos of people you know, or places you frequent. Even unrecognizable photos may contain digital data about your camera or whereabouts. The point is: be careful. We do our very best to keep your identity hidden. What you share in conversation is up to you. 

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